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PUBLIC SPACES · Baku, Azerbaijan

Boyukshor Boulevard

01/02/2015 - 22/05/2015

The opening of "Boyukshor Boulevard" took place on May 22, 2015. The length of the coastal walkway here is 2,500 kilometers. The project was implemented at the request of North West Construction, the main contractor. Shop drawings, fabrication, and installation of items conducted by IDEA. 

The main features of "Primo" and "Olympic" are excellent quality and superior design. Our "YORK" trash cans, which you can see in the boulevard, are placed on every corner of the park, and visitors can easily throw their waste into the trash bin.

The use of impregnated and glue-laminated wood, coated with “Safety for toys EN 71-3”, water-based paint, increases the resistance of the product and ensures the longevity of our product in harsh weather conditions. In addition, all of our trash cans include a smart drainage system designed to withstand both rain and snow. 

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