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TAILOR-MADE · Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku Zoo Park

01/02/2019 - 01/10/2021

IDEA company has finished the "Baku Zoological Park" project in the renovated zoo of Baku city. Our company has completed the architectural work by the highest quality standards. In addition, the artwork made from COR-TEN stands tall at the entrance of the Baku zoological park. This complicated, layered artwork was made from full sheets of Cor-Ten that were cut using high-precision lasers.

 One of our responsibilities as a company is to think about the comfort of visitors to the zoo, so visitors can relax in our seats called "Massive" while walking around the zoo. Our "Eco" litter bins, made of environmentally friendly materials, are placed in every zoo corner. "Nova" bike racks provide a parking spot for visitors with bicycles. As an Idea company, we have made the figures of "Deer", "Bear", "Tiger" and "Kangaroo" from high-quality material, thinking of our children and their tastes. 

The wood used in this project is impregnated, glue-laminated, and coated with water-based paint, which is certified by the "EN 71-3 Safety for Toys" standard. Furthermore, we used galvanized and powder-coated steel, along with the use of Corten for a more rustic look.

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