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Park Lira

04/12/2013 - 13/02/2014

Urbo, Curve Lira, and Plaza 100 products were used in IDEA's Park Lira project. "Urbo" is one of our most customizable designs. The container inside this litter bin is made out of stainless steel, which adds a sparkling effect seen through the ornament. In addition, this product is also available in many different colors per your liking. "Plaza 100" is a contemporary style planter that will no doubt create a stunning focal point for your designs. "Curve Lira" is a model from the “Singular Crura” line. Our products from this line are distinct, with thin metal legs and beautifully simulated wooden tops. In addition, these products have demountable backrests and can be curved, or connected with an edge to suit their environment. In addition, this product is convenient to transport, as it is demountable and is also available in many different colors per your liking. These models can be fully customized, to your liking.


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