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PUBLIC SPACES · Baku, Azerbaijan

RR Construction Imperial

03/05/2021 - 14/08/2021

IDEA presents one of the latest projects for a residential building located in Baku. With the addition of eye-catching landscaping, the courtyard residential building looks more beautiful and has an exemplary character. After the process of landscaping the courtyard, our company has created an ideal environment to ensure the comfort of the people living here. The products we used in this project are Collezione Asado Pergola, La Defense Pergola, Riva Benches, Viva Double Benches, Urbo Litter Bins, Bike Rack, Burberry Lighting, Eco Pinewood with ashtray litter bins, Eco Grey with ashtray litter bins, Tongal Corten Fireplace, Block Entrance Covering. Create your outdoor living space with stylish shading, fresh air, and easy maintenance. Worldwide export is also available.

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