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PUBLIC SPACES · Baku, Azerbaijan

Ganjlik Mall

21/05/2016 - 01/09/2016

One of the next IDEA projects is the products made for the yard of Ganjlik Mall. As can be seen in the picture, 3 different litter bins were made by our company. "CONTI" litter bin is one of our models with a functional design. The model is equipped with a separate ashtray. The "YORK" litter bin has a classic view. The upper part of the model is equipped with an ashtray. The product can be produced in different colors according to the customer's taste. It should be noted that our product is equipped with a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of water inside and can be easily fixed to the ground. "MILLENNIUM" has a minimalist design that allows you to look simple and functional. It is recommended to use polyethylene bags to keep the waste container clean.

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