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Marriott Hotel Project

17/04/2012 - 03/07/2012

With great pleasure, we would like to present our new 'Courtyard by Marriott' project to you.

After the changes made by IDEA, the appearance of the hotel has become even more beautiful, and charming, and there is a cozy atmosphere for you to relax.''Courtyard by Marriott'' project has been designed by the most modern city standards and offers an ideal environment for outdoor entertaining.

''Olympic'' benches and ''York''  litter bins, furthermore ''Plaza 100'' and "Green House" planters are part of this project too. Let's get to know the features of our products used in this project.

''Olympic'' benches add vitality to the urban style. As for the ''York,'' litter bins can be easily fixed to the ground or can be freestanding if necessary. Also, ''Plaza 100'' planters are a contemporary style planter that will no doubt create a stunning focal point for your designs." Green House" planters will give your plants a floating look.

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