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PUBLIC SPACES · Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Park of Chemists

01/08/2015 - 12/10/2015

The chemists' park is located in Sumqayit, the second biggest city in Azerbaijan. The park enables people living around to have fresh air and spend quality time with their friends and families. Park becomes especially popular during summertime when people come there to catch some breeze and relax.

As a part of this project, “IDEA” has successfully produced metal and wood products for landscaping and outdoor use. In every corner of the park, you can find our "Good luck" seats. Due to the use of impregnated wood, the benches are resistant to harsh weather conditions. The benches are produced in different sizes, colors, and lengths for your comfort. 

Using impregnated wood and galvanized & powder-coated metal for entire manufacturing increases the product’s resistance and ensures long life in outdoor severe cold weather.

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