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TAILOR-MADE · Baku, Azerbaijan

Dreamland Golf Club

01/03/2014 - 31/08/2014

"Dreamland Baku Golf Villas & Living Residences" is one of the most visited places by foreign guests due to its luxury golf course and ideal living complex. The description of elements of Azerbaijani history at the entrance of this place is a great reason for foreigners to visit. This artwork, prepared by IDEA for the entrance to the mentioned place, displays examples of fine art expressing elements of the history of Azerbaijan on the material "COR-TEN". The national ornaments of our country are depicted on the highest level of the architectural pearl, which is almost 180 meters long.

COR-TEN steel, through the process of maturation/oxidation that characterizes it, is considered a "live" material, which may vary over time in shades and hues, depending on the shape of the object, the position in which it is installed, and according to the cycles of weathering that the object undergoes.

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