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TAILOR-MADE · Baku, Azerbaijan

NGA Park

01/06/2021 - 31/08/2021

The National Gymnastics Arena is a circa 9,000 seater Arena close to the Koroglu Metro station on the Heydar Aliyev Highway, which is the main route in and out of the city. IDEA's design emphasizes the space's natural spirit, providing a stunningly beautiful atmosphere around the arena. High-quality customizable benches, wooden & metal facades, tree grilles, flagpoles, cabanas, hammocks, planters and recycle bins are a part of the project.

All facades are sustainable, and flexible, and perform long-term durability under harsh external weather conditions. In addition, the facade wooden sections are designed in a way to be replaceable or demountable. There is a harmonious link among all the components. Our tree grilles are mainly used for the protection, growth, and irrigation of trees. They also enhance the look of the pedestrian area, and our "Obra" tree grill is made to fit all those purposes, in addition to an optional light source and customization options.

The backyard is arranged with IDEA products, such as "Garden Cabana" - where people can enjoy family picnics. Another notable example is the "Hammak",  an excellent product for spending quality leisure time. "Nuvolo" and "Picnic" benches are also present. Some of the planters are currently prompted there: "Trapeze" and "Lara 120". "Toros" - the swinging sofa is the most eye-catching product, where residents can have a good rest.

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