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TAILOR-MADE · Doha, Qatar

Doha Oasis

05/03/2020 - 30/08/2022

With its 470 000 square meters area, Doha Oasis is of the most ambitious projects of current times. Doha oasis is a city built within a city. It has 30-story high skyscrapers, shopping malls, theme parks, massive apartments, and giant 250 meters long park in the middle of it. Just as the name implies, Doha Oasis has transformed Doha into a center of global attraction, not only for its ground-breaking aesthetics but also for its record-breaking features.

IDEA has provided its “Primo” benches and “Eco” litter to this project. Our "Primo" stand out with their unique design and will complement the aesthetics of the project. The environmentally friendly "Eco" litter bins will help the visitors to protect the environment. 

We are leaving our mark, on the new “Doha Oasis” project in the center of Doha, which might as well be considered a new landmark of the city.


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