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TAILOR-MADE · Baku, Azerbaijan

Chayki Restaurant

04/01/2018 - 15/02/2018

“Chayki” – a traditional restaurant of Azerbaijani cuisine. As a company, we designed this restaurant in a modern style that will appeal to both local and foreign visitors. While entering the venue, you will see pergolas which are named "Chayki" and "Esotico" produced by our company. "Esotico" is a tunnel structure that can be decorated with vines, various flowers, and plants while "Santorini" will bring "Greek" vibes to your gardens".

The use of glue-laminated & impregnated wood, which is approved by "EN 71- 3 Safety for Toys", makes the pergolas water-repellent and UV resistant.

We also fabricate scopes of steel/ glass framing products, including door systems with varying levels of achievement both in sound and thermal insulation for  "Chayki Restaurant". “IDEA” always cares about how interior or urban design will affect the lives of people practically and visually.

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