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TAILOR-MADE · Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku Olympic Stadium

12/03/2011 - 06/06/2011

Our company has done some architectural work at the Baku Olympic Stadium, which is considered to be the most magnificent sports complex in our country. These two architectural solutions, which are called the "Voyage" and "Cobra" pergolas, beautify the surrounding landscape of the Baku Olympic Stadium. In addition, this signboard is placed at the entrance to the Baku Olympic Stadium and makes the view even more beautiful. Modern, kind of trapezium-style design makes this Sign Board attract attention from many sides of the surrounding city area.

The roof of the "Voyage" pergola consists of solid polycarbonate and wooden parts that provide shelter from the harsh weather situation. The "Cobra" is one of the most crucial parts of the “IDEA” pergola collection. As the name suggests, the specially folded metal and wooden roof form the top of the Cobra, resembling a snake's head. The use of "Safety for toys EN 71-3" certified water-based paint, impregnated and D4 glue-laminated wood makes the pergolas resistant to increase their natural beauty. The utilization of hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated metal for the entire manufacturing process increases the product’s resistance and performance in severe weather. Moreover, our company uses custom-made steel joints, which deliver easier installation and transportation of the pergola.

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