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FG0502F · Shower & Drinking Fountain · L200xW120xLH1160mm

Drinking Fountain SSI 1

Dimensions: L200xW120xLH1160mm

Outdoor Drinking Fountains & Showers

"Bulag" drinking fountains from IDEA have a minimalistic style and they can be used in any design perfectly.

IDEA provides communities with the best possible commercial outdoor drinking fountains, outdoor showers, hand washing stations, and water features available today.

Our products are high quality, sturdy, and maintenance-friendly.

We have a sincere and powerful commitment to serving customers at the highest possible level.

Products from IDEA are made to be used in any outdoor area, including parks, schools, universities, stadiums, amusement parks, playgrounds, outdoor spaces in general, and more. 
We offer:

Outdoor Drinking Fountains
Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains
Hand Wash Stations

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