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FG0483 · Bollards, Bike Racks & Lighting · L190xW190xH380mm

Luci Lighting

“Sometimes simple design makes the greatest impression”. Because simple doesn`t mean dull. If you want to add an aesthetic design to your outdoor patio, choose our outdoor lighting lamp which is named "Luci". The “IDEA” team is pleased to present to you “Luci” lighting in a modern style. With its unique design and functionality, this product combines all the features required by "IDEA" to modern standards. Let's get acquainted with this product. It is surrounded by the organic glass from the outside. Organic glass is an easy, durable, and strong material. It is light-transmitting, resistant to radiation, and available in different colors as well. Laser cutting and powder-coating are an indicator of the quality of the product. "The wall mounting element" has a different structure depending on the type of lighting. Moreover, the "RAL" color range that is designed for various industries is available in our lighting lamp too. Due to the aluminum corpus, the product weighs 2 kg 800 g. Our products are available in various color choices according to customers' tastes.

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