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FG0212 · Carport Collections · L6000W2000H3600 mm

Silkway Carport

Dimensions: L6000W2000H3600mm

"Silkway Carport" is a custom-made car shelter that provides sufficient coverage on both rainy and sunny days. The extraordinary design and construction of the product are developed by the IDEA team. The special "Serge Ferrari" tent and asymmetric beams are the unique parts of the shelter which make it durable against harsh conditions. The use of impregnated and D4 glue-laminated wood coated by water-based paint, which is certified by "EN 71- 3 Safety for Toys", makes the pergola water-repellent, UV-resistant, and durable against cracks and blisters. Besides that, a translucent wood finish implements durable stain protection, without obscuring the natural beauty of the wood.

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