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FG0055A1A · Litter & Recycling Bins · D425xH990 mm · 60 litres


D425xH990 mm · 60 litres

“CONTI” is among the most functional products in our litter bins line, which also boasts a beautiful glossy design. This unique design is achieved with the use of an inner metal layer and an outer layer made of stainless steel. “Conti”s smart design also gives it functionality, in that its ashtray pocket automatically empties itself into the litter bin whenever opened. This model can be easily fixed to the ground or can be freestanding if necessary. Moreover, the use of this product with garbage bags is advisable, as it will prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the container and the spread of bad scents. In addition, all of our litter bins include a smart drainage system designed to withstand rain and snow. All metal used in our production is hot-dip galvanized and powder coated.

About trash cans and recycle bins:
Wastebaskets and recycling bins are an important part of urban design. They help keep cities clean and tidy and make it easier for people to dispose of their waste properly. There are a variety of different types of trash cans and bins available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you need a large container for a busy city street or landscape area, park or public place, there is sure to be a model to suit your needs. Plus, many models come in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best matches your design. Keep your city clean with a quality garbage or recycling bin IDEA!

IDEA offers high-quality wastebaskets and recycling bins in a variety of sizes and colors to match any urban setting. Choose from our selection today!

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