Project name Friends Arkhyz

Collection Public spaces / urban design

Products Bellevue, Idea 300 benches

Material Impregnated pine, galvanized & powder coated steel

Client Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts (JSC NCR)

Location Arkhyz Ski Resort Centre, Russian Federation

Product description

Bellevue is a parametric bench composed of 748 different-sized, in total, 1040 wooden pieces. What makes the design of Bellevue extraordinary is wooden sections stretching along the stainless steel threaded rods in parametric modeling which provide perfect stabilization and harmony among these sections, express an exquisite relationship between elements, and give attractive appearance to the model. Using impregnated wood and galvanised & powder coated metal for entire manufacturing increases the product’s resistance and ensures a long life in outdoor severe cold weather.