''Maze-Customized'' tree grilles
''Maze-Customized'' tree grilles

2 months ago

''Maze-Customized'' tree grilles made by IDEA are a great solution to save trees and make them create a harmonic connection to nature around outdoor space.

The customized version of this tree grille has a bigger surface area, with the addition of being fully customizable. It can be engraved or laser-cut to suit any of your needs. Easy irrigation access, protection for the tree's roots, and a sleek design, that can be customized and outfitted with a lighting feature, makes it a perfect choice for almost anywhere and anyone.

Furthermore, what are the advantages of tree grilles?
- Tree grilles help to prevent the buildup of litter in the tree planting area;
- Visually, grilles help to accentuate the placement of the tree, adding character to large paved areas;
- Tree grilles provide space for a tree whilst protecting the root system from pedestrian traffic, cyclists and animals;
- Young trees can struggle to get the nutrients they require when competing with weeds. The use of tree grilles helps to suppress weed growth.

We have different options for the materials that the customer might choose, these include corten, stainless steel, or galvanized & powder-coated metal.