Artwork Cor-Ten Facade
Artwork Cor-Ten Facade

3 months ago

This article will illustrate how Cor-ten is used by IDEA at the ''Baku Zoological Park'' project to complete architectural work successfully.

The artwork made from Cor-Ten stands tall at the entrance of the Baku zoological park. This complicated, layered artwork was made from full sheets of Cor-Ten that were cut by using high precision lasers.

Furthermore, the Cor-Ten panel is an aesthetically pleasing and high-strength facade cladding method. It is a completely natural material like carbon steel, also referred to as rusted, corroded, or tumbled steel.
Cor-Ten steel, which contains metals such as copper, nickel, phosphorus, and chromium, is a type of steel that has been oxidized by exposure to moisture in the air and has turned rusty.

Moreover, what are the advantages of Cor-Ten material?

-The oxidation that occurs on the surface extends the strength and life of the metal by forming a protective layer. It is preferred, especially in facade cladding, as a maintenance-free, durable, and long-lasting material;

- As a natural rusty material, the Cor-Ten panel does not need paint or high-priced anti-rust materials and has an extremely aesthetic appearance. 

Colours such as red, green, orange and brown formed on the surface as a result of corrosion add a distinct aesthetic and beauty to the metal. Being high-strength steel, it extends the life of the building.

In addition, this material does not reflect sunlight and takes on an attractive shape when the sun rises. When exposed to the atmosphere without painting, Cor-Ten begins to rust in the same way as ordinary steel. But soon, the alloying elements in Cor-ten cause a protective surface layer of fine-textured rust to form, thereby suppressing the corrosion rate. 

If the paint is applied to Cor-Ten, the service life of the paint is prolonged compared to coatings applied to ordinary steel. For this reason, repainting costs are reduced.

 Another growing application of Cor-Ten material is in conjunction with rust stabilization treatments on bridges, building exteriors and other structures.

In this way, Cor-Ten helps to reduce lifecycle costs and environmental burdens in a wide range of applications.

IDEA is an international company that uses Cor-Ten material in its architectural work in Azerbaijan and buys this material from SSAB company, which has an official patent to sell it worldwide.